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Friday, December 25 2020

The Christmas Journey



         As I see it, we’re here on this planet to learn from the experience of separation and to find our way back to the real-ization of oneness.  This is both an individual and collective journey – one that begins in individual hearts and is embraced by the collective consciousness when a critical number of individual hearts are opened. 


         Christmas invites us to give birth to Christ Consciousness - not as an abstract concept, but as a physical reality, a body memory, a knowing that is deep in our bones and deep in our hearts.  With his physical birth, Jesus began his journey to real-ize oneness for himself and to teach us to do likewise.


          As we celebrate Christmas, let’s renew our commitment to the journey – a daily, moment-by-moment re-membering. As each of us re-members oneness and the interconnection of all, we contribute to a shift in collective consciousness so badly needed in this polarized world.


         We’re here to learn from separation, not get stuck in it.


         Have a beautiful, wonderful Christmas!




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 "James has a very welcoming presence and an easy going demeanor in addition to an excellent sense of humor . We are all free to be our own goofy selves."

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