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Monday, April 19 2010


Imaginary Relationships


       Ever catch yourself having an imaginary conversation with someone?  Maybe, you're rehearsing.  Maybe, just daydreaming.


       To some extent, every relationship – especially every relationship in its early stages – is an imaginary one.  We carry in our imaginations a picture of each other, a story we create – a story that is sparse, sometimes, on actual experience of each other and heavy on projection from within ourselves.  For example, the story I carry about you may say more about me, my desires or my fears, than it does about you.


       While I'm not likely to stop creating stories about you, I can try not to get too attached to them.  I can keep my feet on the ground and my eyes, ears and heart engaged with you – ready to experience you as you are, ready to discard or revise my story as you unfold in the reality of the moment. 


        Imagination is a wonderful gift.  It brings beauty to life.  Getting to know someone means getting real.  That's beautiful, too.



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Monday, April 12 2010




Love's Surprise



Looking for an opportunity to heal?


Try having an intimate relationship.


Rest assured –


It will unearth any wound you have.



Disconcerting?  Perhaps.


  Has something gone awry?


 Have you made a big mistake?


 Is this some cruel joke?



Not to worry. 


Just relationship doing its thing: 


Inviting us to face ourselves,


Inviting us to grow.


Maybe not what we signed up for,


But richer in the end. 


Unexpected bounty -


Love's surprise.


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Monday, April 05 2010





Two Truths



Nothing's perfect.

Everything's perfect.



Both truths humble.

Both give comfort.



Sometimes I forget one.

Sometimes, the other.



Hold both.

Remember as needed.


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