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Tuesday, June 30 2009

A Healing Breath Walk

There are many ways that breath can be used for healing self and others.  Here's one that presented itself on the five-day wilderness backpacking trip I returned from late last night.

While walking in the gorgeous setting of the Superior Hiking Trail, I noticed how clogged I was with mind chatter -- judgments about my heavy pack and the steep terrain (not to mention my physical condition), regrets about what I did and did not bring, worries about my daughter, Marisa, who is in the midst of an arduous and challenging wilderness adventure that makes my hike seem like a stroll in the park.

Looking for another way to live in that moment, I invited attention to my feet and to my connection with Mother Earth.  On the in-breath, I opened to her loving presence and drew in her healing energy.  On the exhale, I released the density of judgments and worries into the transformational "compost heap" of the universe.

As the clogs began to clear, I found myself exhaling and sending forth the same nourishing energy I was receiving.  It's a bit like the way water clears, after it runs for a while through rusty pipes.
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Sunday, June 21 2009

Another Thought Experiment

What if, underneath all our goofiness,
we are magnificent beings of light -
connected to, and in love with,
each other and all that is -
masquerading as separate and small,
creating comedy, drama and tragedy
in the theater we call life,
learning much from our experiences
and from remembering, eventually,
who we really are.
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Monday, June 15 2009


This one came to me while running one morning.
I suspect it's been said before.

Whatever you seek in relationship
is usually something you need to find
within yourself.

And it's there already.

Seek relationship anyway.
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Monday, June 08 2009

This Is It

Here is a quote from spiritual teacher, Tony Parsons,
from his book, As It Is.

"This is it, and that's the end of it.  Give up the search
for something to happen and fall in love,
fall intimately in love with the gift of presence in What Is.
Here, right now, is the seat of all that you will ever long for.
It is simple and ordinary and magnificent.
You see, you are already home."

Thanks to Rich Schons for uncovering this gem.
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