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This service is an opportunity for guided conversations that focus on spiritual and personal vibrancy.
Please note:  Coaching is not psychotherapy.  Nor is it a crisis counseling service.

Contact James to arrange for individual phone consultation.

$60 for one half hour

$100 for one hour

$200 for three 45 - minute sessions


In Person Counseling at Processus

Couple's Counseling:
Relationship Problems, Sexual Issues, Family and Blended Family Issues, Parenting Concerns

Individual Counseling:
Depression, Self-esteem, Anxiety, Abuse, Adjustment issues, Midlife Transition, Spiritual Concerns

Most counseling services at Processus are covered by insurance.

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"James reflects softness in the work he does so passionately, and the LOVE sparkles forth from who he really is . He has attracted others to the beauty of this softness, and it serves to heal.  I admire the healer in him."
"James invites us to soften to the mystery and soften to the journey.  Accepting paradox and uncertainty is part of the wisdom I have learned in these Thursday night groups.  His own gentle nature invites gentle lessons.  It is never frightening to explore the unknown in his presence."


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