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Sunday, February 14 2021

Love’s Math


         I spent a couple hours this afternoon hiking in the woods – all bundled up for the -5 degree temperature (not counting wind chill). At these temps in the north country, the snow gets crispy, the sky is deep-blue clear, and sun shines gently fierce. The beautiful contrast of pristine snow and various shades of brown bark - along with the metronome-like crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch of my cleated boots - lulled me into a meditative state.


         Deciding to stay present in this beauty, I focused on what was real in the moment – the sights and sounds and my frosty face.  I soon realized that, for me, there was something else – something very real - happening moment-by-moment.  In this reality, I am intimately connected to earth and sky and trees.  There is an energy flow among us.   As I consciously opened to that flow, I could feel the energy below, above and around me.  Breathing in and out, I invited the energy to gather in my heart and radiate outward.


         I call this energy, Love – the conscious, intelligent, creative energy field of the universe permeating all being - the source and essence of all that is – including each of us.  It sustains us, heals us, and grows us.


         When I breathe in Love, my heart expands.  When I exhale Love - sending it forth to individuals and to all beings - my heart expands even more.  Participating in this flow contributes to an expanding universe of Love.  It also creates a personal sense of abundance and a booming relational economy.  In the mathematics of Love, at this level of freely receiving and radiating, there are no negative numbers - only expanding hearts and synergetic enrichment.


         On this day our culture devotes to love, let’s celebrate, let’s practice, let’s enjoy Love’s magical, mysterious mathematics.

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